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Bestselling Authors Q and A with C. J. Lyons (suspense thrillers with heart)

CJERContinuing our ongoing series featuring bestselling authors we chat with the talented and dynamic New York Times bestselling author C.J. Lyons. C.J. Lyons is a former pediatric ER doctor who was inspired by her very challenging work to pen award winning and bestselling suspense novels. She calls them “Thrillers with heart.”

51VCyQs5cNL._SX305_BO1,204,203,200_What was your first book that hit a bestseller list? What was the list, where did the book rank when it first hit, and how high did your book get? Did you think it would make the list? Were you surprised?

CJ: BLIND FAITH was my first major bestseller, debuting at #2 on the NYT list (and staying on the list for 7 weeks) and rising to #4 on the USA Today list. I was surprised that it hit so high so fast on the lists as I wasn’t aiming for any list other than cracking the Amazon Top 20.

When something awesome happens in your career do you celebrate with food, flowers, or fun? 

CJ: Depends on my mood. Chocolate is always appropriate, but often I’ll also indulge in a nice dinner with friends or a special outing.

Promotion is an important part of every author’s work routine. Tell us one promotion that you did – for a new release, or an event, or a conference – that worked well for you.

CJ: By far my most effective promotional tool (other than writing more books) has been my mailing list. In fact, that’s how I hit it big with BLIND FAITH—I simply emailed my readers and asked them to help me make a dream come true of cracking the Amazon Top 20 . . . boy did they respond!

What are some key ways an author can invest in his/her career in order to do better, get better, be better?

CJ: My agent has an easy rule for this: Write 2K a day, Read 2K a day . . . 

chaseweb1You’re a doctor by profession and you write “thrillers with heart” – tell us about that? Does your passion for your work have a huge impact on the kinds of books you write – or would you ever consider writing something completely different – like a racy Regency Romance? 

CJ: My most popular and bestselling novels haven’t been medical thrillers, but my FBI thrillers. But the common denomination of all my novels has been their “heart,” that emotional core of honesty that resonates with readers. Which is the reason why I coined the term for my particular subgenre, “thrillers with heart.”

300Nerveshires-copy-2-200x300I’ve incorporated romance in some of my thrillers (the Shadow Ops thrillers have tons of romance intertwined with the intrigue and my Hart and Drake medical suspense novels follow one couple’s evolution from first meeting to marriage), I’ve added historical elements, I’ve written novels with strong science fiction/supernatural elements, contemporary YA, and straight character-driven thrillers. By focusing on that core “heart,” despite technically mixing genres, my readers haven’t complained.

What is one thing you absolutely LOVE about being an author and one thing that makes you BONKERS?

CJ: Wow, I pretty much love everything about the creating and writing . . . the only thing that drives me bonkers (but it’s a big one!) is when fellow professionals (co-authors, publicists, editors, web designers, graphic artists, marketing folks, etc) act unprofessional: missing deadlines without warnings, not doing their job, or flat out flaking out and leaving me high and dry . . . I treat this as a profession, take it as seriously as I did medicine, and hate it when others don’t see it that way

StationElevenHCUS2You know the old story – that Al Pacino won the Oscar for Scent of a Woman because he should have won it for the Godfather? Not every book can “win the Oscar” or hit a bestseller list, but that doesn’t mean the book isn’t a wonderful book and worth reading. Tell us about a wonderful book that you’ve read in the past year that you think is worth reading.

CJ: I absolutely adored Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel.

What is the coolest/nicest thing a fan/reader has done for you or said to you?

CJ: My fans ROCK!!! I don’t know what I’d do without their encouragement—they’re always doing super fantastic things or sending me lovely notes. I think the most memorable, probably because it was one of my first fan emails, came from a man with cancer who thanked me for my books because they helped him get through the night free from pain . . . not too proud to admit that I cried after that one!

SnakeSkinweb1As a writer, what does CJ Lyons do best?

CJ: Thrillers with Heart: character-driven, adrenaline-fueled stories that explore the grey areas between the black and white of good and evil.

200x300FTDragingdawn200x3001Tell us about your latest release. And what do you have coming down the road?

CJ: I’m launching my new Fatal Insomnia medical thrillers (yes, it’s a real disease!) in both ebooks as well as trade paperback and hardcover. Book #1, FAREWELL TO DREAMS, is out now and Book #2, A RAGING DAWN, just released as an ebook with the print versions coming in January, 2016. I adore their covers—when I was carrying FAREWELL in my arms at the London Book Fair, people were coming up and reaching out to stroke it as if it was something precious and magical. First time I ever had that happen with a book cover! badbreak200x300

And, of course, my most popular series, the Lucy Guardino FBI Thrillers, will be continuing with a new twist and new start for Lucy as she leaves the FBI, giving new readers a chance to meet and fall in love with Lucy. The first book in her new Beacon Falls series is LAST LIGHT and will be out in May, 2016 (but subscribers to my Thrillers with Heart newsletter can not only get the first Lucy book, SNAKE SKIN, for free, they will also have exclusive early access to LAST LIGHT—learn more at

sweetchaiBONUS: What is something that you do on a regular basis that is a treat or fun or relaxing just for YOU.

CJ: did I mention chocolate? The darker the better . . . oh, but I also indulge in a lovely tea that most folks have never heard of, it’s a wonderful cinnamon flavor, called Good Earth.


C.J. Lyons
C.J. Lyons

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of 29 novels, former pediatric ER doctor CJ Lyons writes her Thrillers with Heart for the same reason she became a doctor: because she believes we all have the power to change our world. In the ER she witnessed many acts of courage by her patients and their families, learning that heroes truly are born every day.

Two time winner of the International Thriller Writers’ coveted Thriller Award, CJ has been called a “master within the genre” (Pittsburgh Magazine) and her work has been praised as “breathtakingly fast-paced” and “riveting” (Publishers Weekly).

Learn more about CJ’s Thrillers with Heart at, facebook, twitter @cjlyonswriter 

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Q and A: Round Two with author Jacqui Morrison (suspense thriller author)

THE-VIGILANTE-COVERRound 2 with Lachesis Publishing author, Jacqui Morrison  Jacqui has written two suspense thrillers for Lachesis Publishing – Kaitlyn Wolf Crown Attorney and The Vigilante. Her books delve into the gritty underpinnings of society.

What was your favourite book as a child and why?

The Nancy Drew Series. Nancy had it all, a great boyfriend, good friends, and she solved mysteries.

Who was your favourite teacher growing up and why?

Mrs. Hawley, she was an English teacher at my high school. She ran the creative writing club and strongly encouraged me to continue writing after I finished school. I reconnected with Mrs. Hawley when she was in her late 70s and we visited once or twice a year.

When did you know you wanted to be a writer? Why?

I morphed into becoming a writer. As a youth I wanted to be: a lawyer, a travel agent, a hotel manager, a journalist and an entrepreneur. I wrote a weekly newspaper column for two years in the mid-nineties. Then I did some paid business articles and I had a short story published. It was not until Lachesis Publishing published my first novel that I called myself a writer. Now, in an obscure way, I can do all of the professions that I dreamed about as a teenager, through my prose.

Who in the writing/publishing world do you admire and why?

Writer extraordinaire Jodi Picoult is admirable because she writes books on brave topics. After I’d read any of her books I think about the moral implications for weeks afterwards.

Tell us about your daily writing routine – what do you typically do every day?

I’m a nighthawk. I write after dinner for about an hour. I’ll then spend weekends writing until one or two in the morning. I know writing late into the night isn’t healthy but that’s when the magic happens for me.

What is your favourite snack or guilty pleasure food that you (may or may not 😉 indulge in when writing?

Cappuccino and chocolate

What does “writing voice” mean to you? Describe your own writing voice.

I write in third person omniscient and I try to incorporate my own personality into my writing voice through humour, quirkiness and by playing with turns of phrases.

kaitlyn-wolfe-crown-attorneyWhat do you want to accomplish in the next five years in your writing career?

I want to do more speaking engagements (book talks) and write more books

Tis the season to be jolly. What is your favourite thing to do over the holidays?

I have a wonderful two-year-old grand-daughter and I will be spending time with her over the holidays, reading books together, watching movies and enjoying ourselves.

Shortbread cookies or gingerbread cookies?

Neither – sorry – Chocolate Yule Log that my mom used to make

Connect with Jacqui Morrison on her web site, and on facebook and twitter.

You can purchase Jacqui’s books on the Lachesis Publishing site. You can also purchase Kaitlyn Wolfe: Crown Attorney on amazon and you can purchase The Vigilante on amazon as well.

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Sneak Peek Tuesday: City of Toys by Lindy S. Hudis (suspense thriller)

City-of-toys-linds-s-kudisToday’s sneak peek is from the suspense thriller  City of Toys, by Lindy S. Hudis.

What it’s about:

Four beautiful women seek fame and fortune in Hollywood, the City of Toys, where actresses are like dolls, playing pretend on the big screen.

Marlo: a former child actress from New York City.
Rhonda: a small-town beauty queen.
Kim: a “nice Jewish girl” with a painful childhood.
Guyla: a “serious actress” with a debilitating, stress-induced illness.

Marlo, Rhonda, Kim, and Guyla, become friends living in the same apartment complex, in the city where dreams and disasters go hand-in-hand. They come to rely on each other as they deal with sexual come-ons, crazed stalkers, jealous starlets and the constant pressure of trying to make it in showbiz. But when the pressure gets too much, will their friendship save them or will the City of Toys break them?


Hollywood Boulevard was just two blocks south of Franklin Avenue. Rhonda had finally gotten her apartment in order and decided to take a walk. She strolled south on La Brea, until she reached the famous thoroughfare. It was unlike anything the Tennessee native had ever seen before. Even though the street was grimy and dirty, the golden age of Hollywood long over, it was still wonderful and awe-inspiring.

Rhonda gasped when she passed Mann’s Chinese Theater, with its enormous mural of Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Shirley Temple, and other various movie stars. She wished, as she had all her life, that she could be as famous as them someday. She gazed up at the giant movie marquee, with a large billboard of the latest Reese Witherspoon film. She smiled to herself, that’s going to be me.

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Welcome to our new home!


Wow! We are so excited at Lachesis Publishing because we have a new online home.

This is it!

Our shiny new web site is the place to find out about our great books and connect with our talented authors. From regency historical romances to paranormal romance to cozy mysteries to science fiction to horror fiction to suspense thrillers to erotica – we’ve got it all!  This is where you’ll find all the good stuff: special offers and discounts; sneak peeks on new releases; exclusive interviews with industry insiders; and Q and As with all of our wonderful Lachesis Publishing authors.

Every day we’ll be offering up a new and fresh blog post about exciting news, announcements, or upcoming author events. It’s all going to happen right here! So, make sure you stop by every day. We know you’re going to love spending time with us.


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