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Ghosts of Glory book review #amreading #urbanfantasy #paranormal

Ghosts-of-Glory-453x680Prepare yourself for a world of graphic violence and mythology, topped off with a dose of delicious suspense.

GHOSTS OF GLORY by Morgan Chalfant is an incredibly fluid read that held me captivated from the moment I began reading it.

The story follows an ex-boxer named Jersey the Brawler, a man who finds out he’s half-human and half-demi god and the son of the Twilight Goddess, who is also the creator of his hometown of Glory, USA.

Told in first-person narrative, GHOSTS OF GLORY takes the reader down the dirty streets of the town’s underbelly, where evil creatures are plotting Glory’s complete destruction. Only Jersey, who shares a an unwanted connection to the leader of this evil force, can prevent the worst from happening.

I loved this book! The narrative was extremely vivid and the hero, Jersey is a battered and beleaguered hero we can all root for. Author Morgan Chalfant, puts us right into the action and makes us feel everything that Jersey feels. And do we ever!

Chalfant‘s writing grips us from the first page to the last, and I look forward to reading more of his work in the future and can’t wait for Book 2 in this series!

Reviewed by Sara Brooke.

Morgan Chalfant is a native of Hill City, Kansas. He received his Bachelor’s degree in writing and his Master’s degree in literature from Fort Hays State University, where he now teaches writing.

You can purchase Ghosts of Glory by Morgan Chalfant at  Lachesis Publishing, Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, and Barnes and Noble.

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Lachesis Publishing Book Reviews: THE POSSESSION by J.D. Spikes #amreading #YA #paranormal

Secret-Journals-Posession-1400x2100-500x724 THE POSSESSION BOOK 1 SECRET JOURNALS by J.D. Spikes

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

Reviewed by Kim Baccellia

Almost seventeen-year-old Daphne Wentworth finds out that she’ll be spending the next two months at her aunt’s lighthouse in Maine. While there, she starts ‘seeing’ things and hearing voices. Then she runs into Zach Philbrook, a cute Micmac native, who works for her aunt. Zach faces extreme prejudice from the town’s teens who don’t accept him. Daphne stands up to the bullies and is drawn to Zach. She finds that whenever she’s around him, chemistry literally sparks. But Daphne encounters things worse than bullies when she sees the ghost of the former lighthouse caretaker, Ro. Through possession, Daphne learns about Ro’s forbidden love for Vincent, a Micmac native that ended tragically.  The closer Daphne gets to Zach, the more dangerous the ghostly lovers become.

Will Daphne be strong enough to withstand these ghosts and still stay true to her heart?

What worked: I’m a huge sucker for a good ghost tale. I enjoyed this paranormal world along with the mystery behind the centuries-old forbidden love story. Daphne’s interest about the lighthouse grows to almost an obsession. I liked how she pursued going after the mystery and her bubbling relationship with Zach. She has spunk and courage to not back down on seeing Zach even with the town’s racism. The scenes at the cemetery, which includes a ritual, are also very engaging.

What I did have troubles with was how fast Daphne went from just ‘liking’ Zach to having a consuming love for him though this could in fact be due to the possession.

Intriguing YA paranormal with a Wuthering Heights feel going for it. There’s a mystery behind the ghostly forbidden lovers; Native American lore; romance; and suspense. All of this set in a paranormal world that is complete with ghosts and a curse. A fast-read for fans of the paranormal and romance.

You can get The Possession by J.D. Spikes right at Lachesis Publishing or on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or ARe

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Lachesis Publishing Book Reviews: The Awakening by Sara Brooke (reviewed by Jessica Penot)

The-Awakening-Book-1-The-Bloodmane-Chronicles-by-Sara-Brooke-500x724THE AWAKENING by Sara Brooke: 

Renda Bloodmane, the heroine of the THE AWAKENING, is a likeable woman.  She is a quiet, bookish girl who prefers to live in the worlds that exist in the pages of a novel to the real world.  Renda’s life is turned upside down when she goes to visit her friend Bobbie Trillo in Georgia.  Renda is immediately confronted by the visage of a strange man staring at her from a window that should be empty.  Renda tries to explain her vision away, but it becomes impossible to ignore the ghosts of Trillo House when they come to her that night.   Ms. Brooke’s novel unfolds from here delicately intertwining romance and mystery.  Ghosts and spirits thrive in Georgia and Renda is forced to confront both in her friend’s family house.

This is the first romance I have read with a ghost as the romantic lead and that made it engaging. The hero in this story is the ghost of a mysterious and darkly handsome man who Renda feels herself drawn to. This ghost warns Renda that danger is lurking around every corner of the Trillo family house and that an evil is trying to destroy the Trillo family.   Renda is determined to save the family from this evil.

Ms. Brooke’s writing style is clear and steady as she guides  the reader deeper into the mystery at the heart of the haunted Trillo house.  Ms. Brooke’s novel is a little more romance driven than I usually read as I usually prefer ghosts and demons to true love, but the book is engaging and the romance is passionate.  I enjoyed this book immensely and would definitely suggest it for anyone who loves paranormal romance.

You can get Sara’s Lachesis Publishing release – The Awakening: Book 1 Bloodmane Chronicles at Lachesis Publishing, as well as, barnes and noble, kobo, and iTunes.

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Lachesis Publishing Book Reviews: The Accidental Witch by Jessica Penot (reviewed by Sara Brooke)

THE-ACCIDENTAL-WITCH-COVERJessica Penot‘s THE ACCIDENTAL WITCH takes you to a small town, in the moody, wooded landscape of Alabama, where a psychologist named Phaedra Michaels, works tirelessly at a local hospital, trying to help the desperate and troubled souls in her town.

Phaedra’s life is like the lives of many women, she’s recently divorced and battling a penchant for junk food and pop, but as the story progresses Phaedra discovers that she has a lot more to worry about than a few pesky extra pounds. She finds out her mother, who abandoned her as a child, is in fact a witch. And she inherited Mom’s talents.

When evil demons start showing up in town, Phaedra has a real fight on her hands to not only keep herself alive, but to keep the town safe from harm.

Phaedra possesses a wonderful sense of dry, self-deprecating humor that has you chuckling as you travel with her on her dark adventures. She is an immensely relatable character and a very refreshing change from the sometimes “hysterical” female leads that you may come across in paranormal romance novels. Instead, Phaedra is clever and down to earth as she goes through her metamorphosis from small town psychologist, to small town psychologist and witch!

THE ACCIDENTAL WITCH is vividly and thoroughly entertaining. My only criticism (and this is probably because I am a hopeless romantic at heart) would have been for Jessica to spend a bit more time on the Phaedra/Fred relationship to allow it to simmer a bit more.

This is a novel I would highly recommend for those who are interested in delving into the mystical world of the paranormal and who also love a damn good story.

You can buy Jessica Penot’s THE ACCIDENTAL WITCH right here at Lachesis Publishing or at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Kobo.

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Lachesis Publishing Book Reviews: A Bodyguard to Remember by Alison Bruce (Reviewed by Jacqui Morrison)

Elegant spy portrait

From its very first line: It started with a dead body on my living room floor, a Bodyguard to Remember, by Alison Bruce will have you hooked.

The novel is fast paced and the excitement continues until the very end. Prudence Hartley arrives home to find a body in her living room. Her first instinct is to protect her children and her second is to call the police.

Her home becomes a crime scene with all that that entails. The RCMO gets involved because of the identity of the dead man. Stoic Sergeant Merrick quickly becomes a friend to our heroine, Pru, and maybe (hopefully) something more.

The novel, a first in a series, is set in Guelph, Ontario, a small city, which makes the crime and the story all the more interesting.

The dead man hid something either on Pru or in her home, that could get her killed. Because of the nature of the crime, she is immediately under police protection, along with her kids. Slowly but surely an attraction kindles between Pru and Merrick. The back and forth romantic tension between them is an wonderful thread that runs throughout this thoroughly enjoyable book.

The main character Prudence or Pru as she’s often referred to, is a single mom and Alison Bruce has captured that “single mom” spirit beautifully. Children come first no matter what, in this thriller. Pru is a writer and editor. There is an interesting sub-plot where art becomes reality as Pru’s science fiction book is published and she embarks on a promotional book tour while trying to lure the killer out into the open.

Pru has the wit of Kinsey Millhone from the Sue Grafton novels, but through the eyes of a mom. Her humour is quick and often references Star Trek, which is hilarious. I thoroughly enjoyed Pru’s ability to compare everyone she meets to a Star Trek character.

A Bodyguard to Remember is the perfect book for a holiday on the beach. It’s quick-paced fun and it keeps you guessing until the very end.

You can connect with Alison Bruce on her website and on facebook and twitter.

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Lachesis Publishing Book Reviews: The Vigilante by Jacqui Morrison (Reviewed by Alison Bruce)

THE-VIGILANTE-COVERIf the long-running Law & Order franchise ever spins off to Canada, The Vigilante would make a great template. Jacqui Morrison’s book has the right balance of police and legal procedural with a good helping of character development and social commentary thrown in.

On the police side, we have Lynette Winton, her colleagues at work and her mother at home.

A rookie detective, Lynette is determined to prove herself. At first, however, Lynette seems to be a study in what not to do. When we find out her family situation, it’s easier to understand her behaviour. She lives with her loving, but passive aggressive mother, who is so secretive about Lynette’s biological father that any child would become obsessed with discovering the truth.

Lynette might be wrong about how she finds the truth, but find it she does. She arrests the suspect dismissed by her senior colleagues, while saving the life of the next intended victim.

On the legal side, we have defense lawyer Maxine Swayman.

Maxine is Lynette’s opposite in more than the court case even to having a loving and supportive father. She is confident, charming, and has a sexy surgeon for a boyfriend. One thing both women share is determination. In this case, Maxine is determined that the accused, Wanda Chambers, gets the help she desperately needs.

imgresIt’s on the legal side of the story that Morrison really shines. It’s no surprise that the author’s community work has given her experience with social justice and court procedures. My one disappointment is that she failed to mention the robes that barristers wear in Superior Court. Also, unlike the U.S. (and civil cases in Canada) the defendant is customarily addressed as “the accused.” Those, and many more details that Morrison does touch on, highlight the differences we’d see in Law & Order CA as opposed to the US and UK varieties.

The guest star is, of course, the accused. There is no doubt that Wanda Chambers is guilty, the real question is whether the troubled woman will end up inside a prison or a hospital. And which one is justice? Through Lynette and Maxine, Morrison argues both sides of the case.

Since this is the first of a series, the personal story arcs have only just begun to unfold. The Vigilante’s case, on the other hand, is settled more than satisfactorily. ~ Alison Bruce (suspense author)

kaitlyn-wolfe-crown-attorney-500x724Jacqui Morrison is a crime thriller author. Her suspense thrillers include Kaitlyn Wolfe: Crown Attorney and The Vigilante. You can purchase both books at Lachesis Publishing. But that’s not where it begins and ends with Jacqui. You see, Jacqui works with victims and witnesses of crimes. Her passion for working in the law started at at a young age, when she was inspired by a character in a popular TV show . . . 

You can get The Vigilante. on amazon, barnes and noble, koboYou can also purchase Kaitlyn Wolfe: Crown Attorney on amazon

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A Thrilling Science Fiction Superhero by David Lee Summers

hybrid-2Hybrid: Forced Vengeance by Greg Ballan

Reviewed by David Lee Summers

I grew up watching superhero TV shows and reading comic books, so you might expect me to be a fan of superhero fiction. Unfortunately, superheroes have rarely translated well into short stories or novels for me. I either find the stories shallow translations of comic books or I find that the author tips the scales too much in the other direction and spends so much time on probing the superhero’s psyche that they forget to give us the action and fun that makes the genre special. That said, Greg Ballan’s Hybrid: Forced Vengeance  has shown me that a superhero novel can be just as thrilling as the best comics and movies while adding the depth and complexity we’ve come to expect from great fiction.

An alien called Jakor has combined the DNA of a detective named Erik Knight with that of his own race, the Espers. Knight can essentially transform into a metallic being with super strength and telepathy. Bullets can hurt him, but they’re not fatal. What’s more, he possesses an Esper staff with the ability to transform into swords, shields, and other useful items. As Hybrid: Forced Vengeance opens, Knight is on a mission for the U.S. Government in Saudi Arabia. While there, his pregnant wife Shanda is apparently killed in a car crash. While still grieving for his wife, Knight is sent on a new mission. This time, he must protect the daughter of the French president from an assassination plot.

Once Knight goes overseas, we learn that Shanda did not die after all. She’s been taken to Area 51 in the Nevada Desert so the military can take her newborn, study the child, and try to make more malleable super soldiers than the willful Erik Knight. Shanda turns out not to be the only captive of the story’s villain, Colonel Ross. It turns out the government also holds an alien called Gray from a race called the Observers. Ross hopes that Gray will give him the secrets to a flying saucer the government shot down years before.

Through the course of the novel, Knight gets caught up in a web of intrigue, suspense, and government conspiracy. Ballan introduces us to many characters, each with their own agendas. Most important of all, Hybrid: Forced Vengeance never forgets to be a fun-filled, action-packed ride. At times, Ballan threatens to go over the top with some of the situations he presents, but superhero stories are supposed to be morality plays that pit the best heroes against the worst villains in the most extreme circumstances. Hybrid: Forced Vengeance  delivers just that.

hybridErik Knight takes an honored place alongside my favorite superheroes from the comics. I can’t wait to join him for another adventure.

Greg Ballan is the author of the science fiction thrillers Hybrid and Hybrid Forced Vegeance (and the upcoming Hybrid 3) You can purchase them both at Lachesis, Barnes and Noble, and kobo.

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David Lee Summers is a multi-published science fiction and horror author. You can purchase David Lee Summers’ books at Lachesis Publishing, on amazon, Barnes and Noble, kobo, and iBooks.

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Greg Ballan reviews David Lee Summers’ Heirs of the New Earth (science fiction)

HEIRS-OF-THE-NEW-EARTH-COVERIt’s not very often that I find myself finishing a book with my jaw literally dropped open. That’s what happened with David Lee Summers’ new novel, Heirs of the new Earth. I flat out admit I was disappointed. Not with the ending of the tale but the very fact that I had come to the adventure’s conclusion. Summers carefully breaks up his tale into sections and like a master weaver threads separate story arcs and characters across the galaxy, spinning the fabric of an amazing tale of science fiction adventure that kept me on the edge of my chair eagerly scrolling page after page.  A warning to every reader . . . block off a good chunk of time, pour your favorite beverage and sit down in your favorite comfort chair. Once you start reading, the story jumps out and grabs hold, drawing you into a world one thousand years in the future where mankind has spread across the universe, contacted other intelligent life, and colonized new worlds.

Not all life in the galaxy is warm, fuzzy and humanoid. This, in my opinion, is where Summers shines like a fiery day star. The author creates a palpable sense of awe and dread painting an intricate portrait of a mysterious alien race known only as the Cluster. Summers’ prologue gives the reader a sense of the mysterious alien(s), their history in the galaxy and the beings’ desire to merge with another species to use as “Appendages”. Unfortunately for humanity WE have been chosen. Summers intricately dissects the cost/benefit analysis of human interaction with an “All powerful entity” motivated to “Help” us cure disease and cleanse the Earth for our benefit. Sometimes the price for paradise can be too steep and the motivation of a benefactor not always as pure as one is led to believe. Summers creates a viable web of intrigue and puts a morality study into play as humanity is unwittingly aiding in its own destruction.

Summers takes the battle for humanity into deep space at the Galactic Core with incredible ships such as the Mapping Cruiser ‘Nicholas Sanson’ led by Captain John Mark Ellis and the refit pirate schooner ‘Legacy’ headed by the elder Captain Ellision Firebrandt. But he also utilizes cerebral pathways and gateways of the human mind manipulated by the advanced alien intellect. Summers’ brilliant depiction of an ancient sailing vessel navigating interstellar space populated by copies of human brain patterns literally made me stop mid-read and ponder the possibility of such an incredible concept. Summers goes even further as he creates the final epic space battle to save humanity from its “Benefactors.” It is here that all the story arcs come together, each fabric of Summers’ tapestry woven to perfection culminating in the final battle to save humanity not only from the Cluster but from itself. Again, David Lee Summers shows his story-telling genius by throwing a major twist into the salvation of humanity and giving the reader another moment for dramatic pause to consider such a wondrous possibility that man may not be the best intellect on Earth. In the end it isn’t human genius or firepower that saves mankind but something more subtle, awe inspiring, yet somewhat terrifying at the same time. As the danger for humanity isn’t over but may only be delayed as the powerful alien Cluster learns and develops from its new host appendage.

It took longer than normal to get involved with the main characters of this tale because it’s the third book in a trilogy, and though it’s apparent there are relationships established in the first two books that continue in the third, this doesn’t detract from the story as the relationships become self-evident and the plots cleverly merge together. Summers’ ability to create a unique future for humanity is quite believable as the problems that impact modern day society in the 21st century are still there in the 30th century only exasperated in scale.His description of 30th century Earth is as fantastic as it is credible which makes this epic tale about the struggle to preserve humanity that much more intriguing and viable to any reader.

Children-of-the-old-stars-500x724pirate-of-sufrio-500x724Grab your favorite chips and beverage, curl up in a nice cozy spot and give your mind and imagination the treat of this incredible tale told by a unique, gifted author. The only problem I have now is waiting to get book one and book two.

The Old Star Saga by David Lee Summers includes:

The Pirates of Sufiro (Book 1)

Children of the Old Stars (Book 2)

Heirs of the New Earth (Book 3)

David Lee Summers is a multi-published science fiction and horror author. You can purchase David Lee Summers’ books at Lachesis Publishing, on amazon, Barnes and Noble, kobo, and iBooks.

Connect with David Lee Summers. online via facebook and twitter, and check out his web site.

Greg Ballan is the author of the science fiction thrillers Hybrid and Hybrid Forced Vegeance. You can purchase them both at Lachesis, Barnes and Noble, and kobo.

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Fun Friday: J.D. Spikes reviews VANISHED (YA paranormal by Christina Holt)

VANISHED COVERVANISHED by Christina Holt  (Lachesis Publishing) Reviewed by J.D. Spikes

VANISHED by Christina Holt is a teen novel full of youthful angst, surprising turns and interesting paranormal concepts. The main protagonist is a 13-year-old boy. He shares the stage (point of view) with his 15-year-old brother about half-way through, and that brings to the table the siblings’ relationship as well as the mystery underway. Ms. Holt’s bio puts her firmly in Science Fiction, and I suppose the time travel (time transfer, actually) component of VANISHED is within that genre, but I feel she pushed beyond that with VANISHED.

In truth, it reminded me of the old Disney movie “Watcher in the Woods” (a fave I still watch) and Galaxy Quest (the Omega 13 component) . . . a ‘family’ group with a crisis and the black sheep outsider who ends up leading the way.  In the spirit of Madeleine L’Engle’s “A Wrinkle in Time”, and Lemony Snickets’s “A Series of Unfortunate Events”, VANISHED plants its lost souls into a mystery they have to solve to find their way home.

Though labeled Young Adult, I believe this story would appeal to Middle Grade readers as well.


VANISHED: Ten years ago, Emily Miller went missing when she was only five years old. Everyone in town thought she had either drowned in the lake near her house, or had been kidnapped. Some even whispered that her father, Frank Miller was responsible. No one suspected the old boathouse behind the Miller property, except Emily’s father. Frank Miller knew what had happened to his little girl. He knew the boathouse had her. Ten years later, thirteen-year-old George Morgan wanders into the same boathouse and discovers a magical secret. At first he’s thrilled. He reveals his secret to his fifteen-year-old brother Eddie, thinking it will bring them closer together. After all, George and Eddie used to be best friends, before they moved to town, and before Eddie started hanging out with a bunch of older boys—the same boys who make it their mission to bully George on a daily basis. But, when Eddie tells his friends about the boathouse, everything starts to go wrong. Suddenly the cool, magical secret of the boathouse isn’t a secret anymore, and the mysteries of the past come back to haunt them, putting their lives in great danger.

To purchase a copy of VANISHED at Lachesis Publishing click here.

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Fun Friday: Alexis D. Craig reviews “Just Perfect” by JoMarie DeGioia (Regency romance)

Lachesis Publishing’s Book Review Corner:

Alexis D. Craig who is a Lachesis Publishing author of romantic suspense and erotica, reviewed the Lachesis Publishing Regency novella Just Perfect by JoMarie DeGioia (Book 3 in the Dashing Nobles series) and posted it on amazon. Here’s the review . . .

Lexie gave Just Perfect 5 stars!

Resurrecting Regency (on amazon)

just-perfect-500x724I have to admit, it’s been a looooooong time since I’ve read Regency Romance. I loved historicals as a tween/teen, but eventually, I gravitated towards contemporary romantic suspense and never looked back. That said, this one caught my eye. I really love Constance and Williams, both separately as characters and together as a couple. Constance is a plucky young thing, determined and not at all flighty or annoying, as Regency heroines can sometimes be. William is ‘perfect’, but that flawlessness is a facade for a guy just trying to get by in a rigidly structured society framework. Together they’re sweet and devoted to one another, and I loved the sweetness of the story the most. The hot love scenes, of which there were a few, were the perfect blend of sweet and heat, like jalapeno chocolate. In all, I’d read it again and I’d like to read the rest of the series.

About Just Perfect:

William Chesterton, the Earl of Chester, might be the perfect gentleman, but his feelings for Constance Bridgewater are anything but gentlemanly. Constance Bridgewater, the daughter of the late Earl of Bridgewater, might be the perfect lady, but her feelings for the Earl of Chester are anything but ladylike. They both know that if they were together, everything would be just perfect.

So what is keeping them apart?

You can buy Just Perfect on amazon (.91 cents e-book)

Or you can purchase a copy at Lachesis Publishing. (.99 cents e-book)

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