Shadow Dreams

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Author: Teri Barnett
Cover Artist: Tracy Goodwin
Genre: Romance (Paranormal)
ISBN: 9781897562321 (e-book and print book)

Nestled in the plane of Paran, a peaceful town is shocked when their children start disappearing. Portents point to the re-emergence of the ancient priestess cult of Eitel, one known for stealing souls to gain immortality.

Bethany Doro is a healer and a Knower, assisting the Diggers by connecting artifacts and their owner’s. But even with her psychic abilities, she never envisioned the kidnapping of her own daughter, Sarah. Connor Jessup never forgave himself for letting his wife Elizabeth leave so easily. He turned his back on his Nevada town, and on himself.

When Bethany’s latest excavation places the remains of Elizabeth at the center of the cult of Eitel, she knows she must travel to the Earth plane and seek Connor’s help. Arriving in shadow form, she first meets Connor in his dreams. He believes she’s an angel and gladly goes with her back to Paran. Once there, he comes to understand Bethany’s true nature, and finds himself drawn into the search for her missing daughter and the connection to his wife

Now they must unravel the secrets behind the ancient cult and find Sarah before she’s lost forever. As their quest unfolds, they discover an even deeper unexpected journey – one filled with sorrow, loss, and redemption.

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Teri Barnett is a writer, artist, and designer currently living in Indiana. She grew up reading the romance authors of the 70s, always vowing that one day she would write such books. In the early 90s Teri started with a traditional historical romance, but has since gravitated to the paranormal side of the genre mixing history and metaphysics. She’s currently working on her fifth novel. Please visit her on the web at

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