Romance is Murder

Author: Teri Barnett
Cover Artist: Laura Givens
Genre: Mystery (Cozy)
ISBN 9781773590080 (e-book)
ISBN 9781773590097 (print)

Morgan Hart is home. The thirty-six-year-old former Detroit detective has just moved back to Bijoux, Michigan, the lakeside town where she grew up. Returning to take up the reins as the new police captain since her father, Able, retired, Morgan hopes for a fresh start and a welcome change from the gritty police work she did in the Big D. Morgan also hopes she’ll be able to get her life back on track since her husband Ian Daniels, also a detective, was murdered on a case five years ago. Still unsolved, her husband’s death haunts her even as she settles into her new role.

Morgan has mixed feelings about being back home in Bijoux. Her relationship with her dad is complicated, and the townspeople have no qualms about telling her how she should do her job. Her childhood nemesis, Connie Graham, a reporter for the local TV news station, always seems to show up at the worst possible time, and the owner of the local bookstore, Caleb Joseph, is far too attractive and far too nosy. At least she and her deputy, JJ Jones, get along and bond over their mutual love of cupcakes.

The quaint, old town has gone through quite a transformation since Morgan was there last. Quirky new shops are opening up to attract summer tourists. And many of the old stores along Main Street are getting a facelift. Even the historic Firefly Bed and Breakfast, is changing. It’s hosting a romance writer’s conference with some of the biggest names in the biz. But someone else is determined to make a few more changes. Deadly changes that will leave the town reeling and will have Morgan investigating the first murder in Bijoux in 100 years.

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Teri Barnett is a bestselling author, award winning artist, and commercial interior designer who brings a lifetime of learning and exploration to her writing, teaching, art, and design.

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  1. Lois Barley

    I was hooked before the end of page 2. This story line was a bit different than what I am used to from Teri, but I loved it. The book was engaging and kept me interested from cover to cover. I didn’t want to put it down, and finished reading it in no time at all. I believe that it will be one that I read a second time.

    • Joanna D’Angelo


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