Pagan Fire

Author: Teri Barnett
Cover Artist: Tracy Goodwin
Genre: Romance (Historical)
ISBN: 9781897562673 (e-book and print book)

Orphaned as a child, Maere cu Llwyr, is raised in a convent as a Christian. But Maere was born with the pagan signs of the goddess and as she grows, so does her power of healing through touch. Fearful she will be punished for this magical ability and plagued by dreams of horrific events she fears may be memories from her past, she explores the secrets inside herself to better understand her present and future.

Dylan mac Connall was betrothed to Maere in the years before her parents’ death. Like Maere he is an orphan, but he has been raised by a woman wise in the ways of magic. Consumed by hatred, he will use his magic for revenge against Eugis, the man who murdered his father.

Maere’s uncle, Eugis, knows that Maere will come into her full magical powers when she turns eighteen. Legend says that whoever shares Maere’s bed first will also share her power. Eugis murdered her parents to ensure that he would control her future and be the one to bed her, but Dylan mac Connall is not about to let that happen.

Caught between two powerful men, Maere must decide which one to trust even as she has to learn to accept the magic within her.

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Product Description

Teri Barnett is a writer, artist, and designer currently living in Indiana. Her favorite stories combine history, paranormal elements, and of course, romance. Please visit Teri on the web at

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  1. Barbara

    First time I read Teri Barnett. I enjoyed it so much that I bought the rest of her books. The story drew me in and I felt the frustration, anger, love and fear that Maere and Dylan were feeling. Loved the accuracy of the healing through her hands and the Pagan magic. Would recommend to anyone looking for a good historical romance.

    • Joanna D’Angelo

      Thank you for your comment Barbara – I’m sorry I missed it. 🙂

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