Fighting Fate

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Author: Louise Clark
Cover Artist: Louise Clark
Genre: Romance (Contemporary/Paranormal)
ISBN: 9781897562529 (e-book)
ISBN: 9781897562536 (print book)

Faith Hamilton is different. Blessed with the power to draw her ancestors from the past into the present, Faith formed a strong bond with Andrew Byrne, her charming rogue of a “relative” from pre-Revolutionary Boston. Andrew’s first visit when they were both teens led to many more over the years. But despite her close friendship with Andrew, Faith has always felt that her life would never be normal unless she made a drastic change. Now she avoids relationships with people outside her tight family circle, fearing she might be forced to reveal her ability. Instead, she tries to keep it a secret, and her private life hidden as she focuses on her career. For a while she succeeds, until she meets the sexy and dynamic Cody Simpson.

Cody is a mathematician, a man devoted to classifying and defining the world around him.  Once hurt by a woman whose sole focus was her career, not the people in her life, he swore he would never allow himself to be attracted to this kind of woman again—until he meets the beautiful and captivating Faith Hamilton.

Intrigued by Cody, Faith can’t stop her growing attraction to him. Nor can she keep that charming rogue, Andrew from popping into her life whenever he chooses. As she frantically schemes to keep the two men apart, her problems multiply at home, at work, and most of all in her relationship. How long can she keep up this double life? More importantly, what will Cody think if he finds out about her magical power?


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Product Description

Louise Clark is the author of both contemporary and historical romance novels. She’s combined these two genre in the Fate series—time travel stories with a twist. In addition to working on new material, she is also republishing her out-of-print titles.

Louise holds a BA in History from Queen’s University and a Master of Publishing degree from Simon Fraser University. She is a freelance book producer, cover artist and educator. Her books have been published in fifteen countries worldwide. For up-to-date information on her latest release, please visit

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