Dawn of the Sentinel

Author: Richard Blackburn
Cover Artist: Carole Spencer
Genre: Young Adult/ Paranormal
ISBN : 9781927555156 (e-book)
ISBN : 9781927555149 (print)

Guardians of the Gate Book 1

Jenny has no idea what it means when she stumbles through a magical “gate” at Stonehenge and travels back to the year 1347. She has no idea that the “old lady” who travels back with her is actually a sorceress protector, and a Guardian of the Gate. Most shocking of all, she has no idea that she has powers of her own just waiting to be discovered.

Gwenelda, the Guardian, intends to hide Jenny in the safety of a secret cave until the next time warp, but fate works against them, and Jenny is thrust into the society of the time. She disguises herself as a young man in order to protect herself, but when she discovers a sinister plot master-minded by a former Guardian named Rudigor, who has turned to the dark side—it becomes a race against time as Jenny tries to stop the sorcerer, and rush back to Stonehenge to get back to her own time.


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Product Description

Richard Blackburn was brought up in England on the site of an ancient castle in West Derby, Lancashire – well, actually, on the site of the midden outside the battlements. So you could say he was raised on an old rubbish tip. West Derby was also old, having been important when the nearby city of Liverpool was just a couple of fisherman’s huts on the River Mersey. The village had a court house built in the time of Elizabeth the First and stocks originally put there to enforce the Laborers’ Statute of 1351 to punish anyone asking for increased wages after the plague. So history was all around in Richard’s youth.

Richard immigrated to Australia on his own at the age of twenty. He worked at first as a bookkeeper on a cattle station nearly the size of the state of Connecticut, to the north of the Simpson Dessert, then moved to Darwin and worked as an internal auditor in the Health Department, traveling extensively around the Northern Territory. It was here he took up parachuting.

Finding the ‘Top End’ lacking in challenge, he moved on to Papua New Guinea where he worked for thirteen years as a Patrol Officer and raising to the position of District Officer. This involved being a police officer, magistrate, and senior Australian Government representative in his area. During this time Richard traveled extensively in Europe.

Since returning to Australia, Richard has gained an Associate Diploma in Management, an Advanced Diploma in Administration, and a degree in Information Technology, and has worked for a number of Government Departments. He has completed two TAFE short courses in creative writing to make sure his creativity was not crushed completely by many years of writing in the public service. His interests outside work are now restricted to his family and scuba diving. He had to give up parachuting and long- distance running due to a back injury and now has to be content to leave the real excitement to characters in his stories.

Richard has been a best-selling author three years on the run for his Australian publishers, Zeus, and his three books are all listed for approved reading in the New South Wales Premier’s Reading Challenge for high schools. The books are now being published by Lachesis Publishing Inc. in Canada; Dawn of the Sentinel is the second edition of his first book, originally named The Guardian of the Gate.

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