Do you have a blog?

Yes, we do have a blog with many entertaining and informative articles about the craft of writing, publishing, and various related topics along with Q and As with our Lachesis Publishing authors and other authors as well.

Do you have a newsletter? How do I sign up?

We most definitely have a newsletter. The sign up area is at the bottom right hand corner of every page on our web site. All you need to do is type your e-mail address in the space provided and click "sign up". It's as easy and simple as that. After that you will be sent a confirmation email. You can unsubscribe at any time, but we're sure you'll want to stick around for all the great special offers and exclusive deals that you'll get as a subscriber.

How can I submit my manuscript to Lachesis Publishing?

Please see our Submission Guidelines, or you can click on this link.

Why do you require a marketing plan for manuscript submissions?

We work with our authors in marketing and promoting their books. If you Google the search term phrase “author marketing plan” you will find hundreds of articles about why marketing is so important for authors, and why authors need to work with their publisher in selling their books.

Marketing your book includes the following:

• Author web site and/or blog.
• Social media accounts on facebook, twitter, linked in, goodreads etc… facebook and twitter are a must.
• Getting reviews for your book on blogs, on social media such as goodreads, and on sites for online book sellers such as amazon.
• Blog tours (posting articles about your book on as many blogs as possible).
• Book readings and signings
• Online book clubs
• Local book clubs in your area

These are just a few examples of what every author should be doing to promote his/her book.

Do you take non-fiction books, biographies, auto-biographies, self-help books, or memoirs?

We offer a formatting and distribution service for non-fiction authors.

Do you accept submissions for literary fiction?

At this time our focus is on quality genre fiction. Any changes will be announced right here on our web site.

What if my book doesn’t fit one of your genre categories?

We only accept submissions for books in romance and mystery/thriller/suspense categories.

What if I don’t have a marketing plan?

If you don’t have a marketing plan when you submit your query then we cannot accept your submission for consideration. The role of the author does not end with publication. When a book is published it has a life of its own and it's up to the publisher and the author to nurture its growth. Why are certain writers more successful than others? Because they invest in their own careers. It's as simple as that.

Why should I bother submitting when I can publish my own book?

Many authors are choosing to self-publish their books or they do both—work with a publisher and self-publish. That is entirely up to the author. We, at Lachesis Publishing, pride ourselves on giving our books the time and attention they deserve—from the initial reading, to the editorial process, to marketing and selling. Our mandate is to publish good fiction that readers around the world enjoy reading.

Where do you sell your books?

Lachesis Publishing publishes e-books and print on demand books. They can be bought around the world from the following sites:

Amazon US
Amazon Canada
Amazon UK
(and any country where Amazon is based).

Barnes and Noble

Independent booksellers with store fronts can also contact us directly by e-mailing

What if I wanted to sell print copies of my books in bookstores?

If an author wishes to sell his/her books in a local bookstore, or a writer’s conference, or a book sale, he/she can order copies directly from us.

Are any of your books re-prints?

We publish primarily original titles but some of our books are re-visions of previously published titles. Our previously published titles are always revised by the author, and always edited and re-formatted with a new cover.

How much is shipping on books?

E-books have no shipping costs. Shipping costs on print books depend on where you live and how many books you order. We offer a flat rate of $8.00 per book for shipping in North America and $10.00 per book for shipping internationally. If you click on the following link, it will lead you to our store and you can continue shopping. Lachesis bookshop.

How can I order a book from Lachesis Publishing?

If you go to the home page you will see the header that says SHOP. Here is the direct link. Start by clicking on SHOP and you can search by genre, format or price. Once you have decided on what book(s) you want to purchase you just click on the format you want and proceed to the check out.

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Send us a message on our contact page.