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Question of the Week: What’s on your keeper shelf?

mister-mm_450This week we’ve been spotlighting JoMarie DeGioia a wonderful historical romance author who writes for Lachesis Publishing. Yesterday, JoMarie blogged about her favourite historical romances. Today we are asking the question: What’s on your keeper shelf? Tell us about one of your favourite books. A book that you love so much you can’t even begin to remember how many times you’ve read it.

I love romance novels, and I have a soft spot for historicals. I have many beloved books, but one of my favourites on my keeper shelf is ROMANCING MISTER BRIDGERTON by Julia Quinn (from the Bridgerton Family series. All the books in this series are yummy by the way.) The reason why I adore it is because the hero and heroine are friends and have known each other their entire lives. How do you go from that to a love story? Julia Quinn makes that happen so beautifully and seemingly effortlessly. Which is the mark of a damn good story – it reads as though it was plucked from the heavens and given to us to enjoy. I also love that the heroine has a job. In Regency England. I love that she’s not a raving beauty and isn’t physically perfect or petite or any of the qualities that heroines so often possess in historicals. I love that she supports the hero and wants his dreams to come true. I love that the hero sees her for who she truly is – from the inside out. This is what makes a wonderful, heart-stopping romance novel. At least in my book! So stop by and share what your favourite book is – romance or mystery or horror science fiction or literary fiction and tell us why? And you could win an e-copy ofPride and Fire by JoMarie DeGioia.

pride-and-fireJoMarie DeGioia is the author of the Dashing Nobles Series, which follows the love stories of four dashing gentlemen of the ton in Regency England.

You can get her books right here at Lachesis Publishing, or on Amazon, Nook, Kobo and Itunes.

OUR DEAL OF THE WEEK is Pride and Fire by JoMarie DeGioia. (Regency Romance)



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6 thoughts on “Question of the Week: What’s on your keeper shelf?”

  1. There are so many books I want to read, I rarely re-read a book. The exception was the first three Outlander books — only because I was starting to forget key information. Still, there are books I keep so I can recommend and/or lend them to others. These include pretty much everything by Karen White and Diana Gabaldon.

  2. One of the books on my keeper shelf is The Magic Journey by John Nichols. It’s a young woman’s life story as she grew up in New Mexico, went away, then came back years later. Parts of the story reminded me of my mom’s life story. Part reminded me of friends I went to college with. It’s the story that really taught me how to think about transforming personal stories into fiction and finding new and deeper meanings. I was fortunate enough to meet Mr. Nichols a few years ago and my copy of the novel is signed and personalized. No way I’m getting rid of it now!

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