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Free Book Friday Question of the Week: Win a Free Book!

computer_troubleSo last week I had computer problems and had to turn in my laptop and get a loaner from Best Buy. It was very frustrating because I couldn’t get much work done. My trackpad on my MacBook was all wonky. Good thing I didn’t have any glaring deadlines. That would have been terrible! So my Question of the Week is – do you have a computer horror story to share? All you have to do is leave a comment here or on the Lachesis Publishing facebook page or my facebook page (Joanna D’Angelo) by midnight tonight EST (Jan 16)  and you will be entered into a draw to win a free Lachesis Publishing book of YOUR CHOICE! It’s just that easy. Good luck and happy reading!

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4 thoughts on “Free Book Friday Question of the Week: Win a Free Book!”

  1. YES! And my horror story involves wine…

    I was in the middle of earning an online degree and living in the remotest nook of western North Carolina. NO internet. I had to buy one of those USB ports and pay ATT $80 a month to get satellite internet, which was less than reliable, at best.

    While we lived there (the longest two years of my life) I was miserable in my job, had crappy internet, and my retired husband was bored to tears = LOTS of conflict (I need to make a plot line out of this). Anyway, one night when I was working on my homework, stressed and frustrated and ready to snap, he sat across the table from me badgering me about something.

    I just did it. No thought process involved. Pure reflex. I picked up the glass of wine next to my laptop and tossed the contents in his direction.

    I missed him, but not the laptop. One keyboard = toast. And of course, I had the relationship situation to deal with.

    Long story short (or maybe not so much), he forgave me, bought me a new keyboard for my laptop (he really is a Prince Charming), and we’re still living happily ever after. But NOT in the boondocks of North Carolina. I know it’s a gorgeous place, but not for a New York gal like me.

    1. Frances – OMG! well, i guess you did make quite a statement though! 🙂 that would work well in one of your books! LOL

  2. I lost my first completed novel on crashed computer. (Which is better than losing it in the women’s washroom – which is another story.) Yes, I had it backed up on disks (the fact that I am using the plural gives you an idea how long ago this was) but they weren’t compatible with anything. The dead computer was a Commodore Plus4 – a relic from the early days of home computing.

    Fortunately I had a hard copy. Unfortunately, the dot matrix printer that produced it was also on its last legs. A friend took those pages and scanned them and, using OCR software, turned the pages into files that could be opened. A few years later, another friend took the files and consolidated them into one file, getting rid of the “Page #” and headers that had embedded themselves in the story.

    At this point, I didn’t have a choice. I had to clean it up, rewrite lost (and just wrong) sections and get it ready to send out to publishers. I owed it to my friends. That, of course took time, especially since I was then the mother of two small children. As a result, UNDER A TEXAS STAR, published in 2011, was twenty years in the making.

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