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Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 6.42.54 AMTURN UP THE SUMMER HEAT WITH 2 science fiction/suspense thriller Hybrid FORCED VEGEANCE ON SALE FOR .99 CENTS EVERYWHERE! BUT WAIT YOU CAN ALSO GET HYBRID (BOOK 1) FOR .99 CENTS TOO! GET BOTH! FOR .99 CENTS EACH. by Lachesis Publishing author, Greg Ballan 


You can also get HYBRID  and HYBRID FORCED VENGEANCE  at, Barnes and Noble, and kobo.


Erik Knight is a small time private investigator with big time supernatural powers. In HYBRID he searches for a kidnapped girl. In HYBRID FORCED VENGEANCE he’s assigned to protect the daughter of a the French President.

To read some of Greg’s musings visit his writing page on facebook, for several short stories and pithy takes on yard work and homelife.

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Love & Hope an Anthology featuring Kayla Perrin, C. J. Carmichael, Brenda Gayle #amreading #ovariancancer

Love and Hope CoverLachesis Publishing is pleased to announce the anthology LOVE & HOPE is now available for pre-order. Featuring USA Today bestselling authors Kayla Perrin and C. J. Carmichael and author Brenda Gayle, LOVE & HOPE contains three beautiful and poignant stories about hope, healing, and the power of love. 

*** Proceeds from sales of this anthology will be donated to Ovarian Cancer Canada.







Twice and Forever by Brenda Gayle

Jill Bennett had her life planned out, and then everything changed. Soon after her husband’s sudden death from a heart attack two years ago, Jill’s daughter Rachel was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the very young age of 21. Widowed and scared, Jill threw herself into caring for her daughter 24/7. Now that Rachel is in remission, Jill is finding it hard to let go and give her some breathing room at home and at her new job working for a local vet named Grant Palmer. Grant has a knack for getting under Jill’s skin, especially where Rachel’s future is concerned. The last thing Jill has in mind is getting on with her own life. So why can’t she stop thinking about the handsome Dr. Palmer?

Devoted to Her Cowboy by C. J. Carmichael

When rodeo champion Blake Timber returns home as the star attraction of the Sheep River Rodeo Days he doesn’t expect to find his nerdy high school friend Shelby Turner looking so beautiful and so not nerdy. He also doesn’t expect to find his grandmother, frail and wearing a headscarf. When Grams reveals she has ovarian cancer, Blake is shocked. He’s thankful that Shelby, who works in his grandmother’s flower shop, has been there for her. But he wants to take over the reins and get his beloved Grams the best care money can buy. In spite of his best efforts, his well-intentioned plans are met with stubborn resistance from both women. Adding to his frustrations is his ex-girlfriend Kelli-Jo Calhoun, who is the Sheep River Days organizer. Unhappily married and with a son, she seems hell bent on roping him into something that could put everything he cares about at risk—especially his growing feelings for Shelby.

Her Angel by Kayla Perrin

Tasia Montgomery never thought she’d get “that” phone call from her mom. Stage four ovarian cancer. Tasia puts her job as a chef in a busy restaurant in Atlanta on hold, to go home to Miami to be there for her mother. When her mom passes away, Tasia is left with a huge burden of guilt, sadness, and loss. Now, she is tasked with the duty of packing everything up and selling the family home. She knows her mom didn’t want her to sell but what choice does she have? Her brother Andrew, who is living in Seattle with his wife and their baby, is as distant as can be. Just like their father, who up and left them when they were kids. But when Tasia meets Malcolm Robertson, the contractor her mom hired to renovate the house before she died, Tasia is drawn to him. Her mom treated him like a son and shared things with him that she never revealed to Tasia. Malcolm becomes a good friend to Tasia, but does she want something more with the handsome contractor? As Tasia, sorts through her mother’s belongings she makes a discovery about her mom that shocks her to her core, but will it make her see the truth of her own life or make her head back to Atlanta for good?

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The Ripped Bodice: The first ever ROMANCE Novel Book store Q and A with Bea and Leah Koch #amreading #romance

Sister Sister: Bea and Leah Koch
Sister Sister: Bea and Leah Koch

Many women dream about becoming romance authors. But how about becoming romance booksellers?  Meet – Bea and Leah Koch – the proud owners of The Ripped Bodice bookstore. And they LOVE what they do.

The Ripped Bodice is the only exclusively romance bookstore in the United States. Based in downtown Culver City (in the greater Los Angeles area), the store offers a wide selection of romance novels from every sub-genre. It also sells jewelry, stationery, beauty products, cute t-shirts and unique gift items.

The store is owned and operated by a dynamic sister duo – Bea and Leah Koch. The sisters have loved reading romance novels since they were teenagers and have always dreamed of opening a romance novel bookstore. Originally from Chicago,  Bea  went to Yale and NYU, where she wrote a graduate thesis titled, “Mending the Ripped Bodice.” Leah moved to Los Angeles to attend USC, graduating cum laude with a degree in visual and performing arts.

LP: Why did you want to open a bookstore that sells romance novels exclusively?

The Ripped Bodice
The Ripped Bodice

TRB: Quite simply, it’s what we love to read. But more seriously, we believed that it was long overdue and an important thing to bring to the romance community.

LP: When did it open and how did you get it off the ground?

TRB: We soft opened a week before March 4th, which is our official grand opening date. Our opening weekend was one long party with author signings and events – it was the perfect way to launch.

Temptation is around every corner at The Ripped Bodice
Temptation is around every corner at The Ripped Bodice

LP: Are there plans in the works to open at other locations?

TRB: Not at the moment, but we get asked all the time about expanding. We’re excited that so many readers want a Ripped Bodice in their town, but we’re focused on building the best business we can before we open another location.

LP: How has the romance community responded to your store?

TRP: The romance community has been so welcoming. We get customers from all over the world travelling to the store and it’s so exciting when they walk in and tell us they’ve come from Italy, Australia, you name it.

Happily ever afters abound at the Ripped Bodice
Happily ever afters abound at the Ripped Bodice

LP: How do you define a romance novel?

TRP: We use the Romance Writers of America definition – a central love story and a happy ending.

LP: When did you start reading romance and why do you love it so much?

TRP: We both started reading romance in our early teen years. I think for me (Bea) it was so incredible to see women’s stories and search for love centered. And I just fell in love with historical romance. I love the blend of fact and fiction and the way authors use their research to enhance their stories.

LP: What sorts of events do you hold in the store and what do you have coming up?

TRP: We have traditional author signings and readings, but we also try to offer a broad slate of events. We’ve had essential oil classes, ladies night out, and movie screenings. As I type this, we’re getting ready for our community book-club meeting, and we have an author signing this weekend with Alisha Rai, Carrie Ann Ryan and Alyssa Cole.

LP:  How has business been so far and is it everything you expected and more? How are customers reacting?

Lovely. Welcoming. Cozy. Inside The Ripped Bodice.
Lovely. Welcoming. Cozy. Inside The Ripped Bodice.

TRP: It’s so much more than we expected. When someone walks in and says something like, “I’ve been waiting my whole life for a store like this” there is such a feeling of pride, but also kinship. I’ve been waiting for a store like this as well! Of course, there are customers who aren’t as familiar with romance but we love that too because it’s what we’re most passionate about and we love sharing it. We hear variations of “you guys are so enthusiastic!” pretty regularly.

LP: What is your favourite aspect of running the Ripped Bodice?

TRP: I love recommending books. I feel so lucky that I get to introduce my favorite authors to new readers, and discovering new authors through our customers is incredible.

There is a lot to discover at The Ripped Bodice
There is a lot to discover at The Ripped Bodice

LP: Besides books what else do you sell at your store?

TRP: We sell jewelry, candles, cards, prints, pins, bookmarks, etc. We try and merchandise beyond books in a thoughtful way. Everything fits together in some sense. We work with so many amazing female creators and makers beyond just authors.

LP: Have guys figured out that your store is a great place to meet women?  Is it mostly women who shop in your store or do you get men too? Men on their own or with a spouse or girlfriend? How has the reaction been from guys who visit the Store?

TRP: We’ve had lots of gentlemen come in with romantic partners or friends. The reaction is definitely different depending on whether they know what they’re walking into. We certainly welcome men into the store but we are primarily a space for women and that will always be our first priority.

LP: Are either of you interested in writing romance novels? If so what are you working on?

It's about books, love, and happy endings at The Ripped Bodice.
It’s about books, love, and happy endings at The Ripped Bodice.

TRP: Bea has always wanted to publish a romance novel (and she will one day!) but right now we are focused on the store.

LP: When boxes of books arrive – that is when your stock arrives – who gets to open the boxes first? And is there any “squeeing” involved?

TRP: There is, in general, a good amount of squeeing. It’s just such a joy to take these books out of boxes – and it wasn’t something we had really considered before opening. We were readers and fans first, so having a favorite’s new book a few days before it’s out is like having the most wonderful secret.

Two smart and enterprising women who turned their love of romance novels into a wonderful business.
Two smart and enterprising women who turned their love of romance novels into a wonderful business.

LP: Bonus: Who do you fangirl over?

TRP: How much time do you have? So many amazing authors, Courtney Milan, Christina Lauren, Beverly Jenkins, Lisa Kleypas and Julia Quinn to name just a few.

Thank you so much for joining us today! 

If you’re an author and you would like your book considered for the store, or to set up a book signing you can contact Bea and Leah on the Author Page on their website.

For more information about THE RIPPED BODICE Bookstore, or to connect with Bea and Leah Koch visit their website, like their facebook, page and follow them on twitter, and instagram.

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Five Free Things You Can Do To Promote Your Books by Joanna D’Angelo #amwriting #amreading #authorpromotion #socialmedia

32038_cartoons-comics-charlie-brown_200sOh, you say you know all about online promotion but have you really done AS MUCH as you can to promote your book and your author name? Dare I say it – your BRAND?

Here is a list of 5 things you can do that will only cost you TIME not money in order to promote your books.

1. Launch a facebook page – and invite all of your friends to like it. If you want to spend some money – you can run a sponsored ad promoting it. My advice – don’t set up a page for one book or series or for every book you release – that is tiresome and annoying to your friends and fans. Just set up a page with YOUR NAME AUTHOR X and use that page to promote YOU and any other author or book you want to talk about.

giphy2. Post REGULARLY on YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE. At least 3 times a week. Post interesting content – not just about your book being released – but talk about interesting aspects of your book – like a story about your research on the poison used as the murder weapon in your latest book.  Original content. That should be your goal. Invite other authors to your page – do exchanges with other authors – where you interview them on your page and they interview you on theirs. Why? To get more readers and likes and build your audience.

3. Start putting up videos. You can now go live on facebook with live videos – so you can set up a live “party” and invite your readers – have fun – do giveaways (okay you might have to spend some money there) but even if it’s just to play a game or chat with your readers- they will enjoy it and so will you! You can make it a Q and A live with your readers- they can ask anything they want about your books and characters.

4. When you post on twitter – don’t just post links to your books – or talk about a sale – post funny pics or engage in some fun hashtag games – that will broaden your scope and reach on twitter.

Little_red_haired_girl5. Set up a regular blog or newsletter and share “freebies” or more detailed in depth content that you can link on your facebook page.

Why is this necessary? Why should you put all of this effort in?

It increases your profile on google. When I google the name of an author – if I see current links and plenty of them – then- that author will stand out in my mind. Even if they are not a bestselling author. It is IMPRESSIVE to see a big google list of links about an author. Trust me on this.

When I go on twitter and see only “buy my book” links on an author’s page – I think “dullsville” – I want to see some fun engagement there to tell me that the author has a sense of humour and has something to offer other than asking me to buy her/his book.

imgresWhen I visit an author’s facebook page and they haven’t posted  in a month – I think that author isn’t serious about his/or her career and doesn’t really care about her/his readers.

These are all things that take time – yes – but if you establish a routine around doing them – they can all help you achieve your goal of building your audience reach and creating an online “footprint” that will enable potential readers to see YOU to see how interesting and fascinating you are. To see how much YOU engage with the world. So keep that in mind when you ponder why you should even bother with blogging or posting on facebook or twitter. Think about the “SOCIAL CURRENCY” that you are generating by your 892004_030PRESENCE online.

Think about how the public views you according to what YOU put out there. And if you only post once every six months – it won’t do you any good. You will be buried and forgotten. Think about every blog post you write or facebook video you post or funny story you relate on your facebook page – and think about how all of that adds up to create a rich and colourful quilt that keeps expanding. Think about the people who will be coming across even one of those “quilt squares” and then delving deeper into YOUR WORLD because they want to know more about you. I do that all the time! When I come across something interesting that an author has posted. And if I do that – you can bet other readers do it too.

Got it?  Good!

Joanna D’Angelo is Editor in Chief at Lachesis Publishing. She loves chai tea, social media, and good writing.

Connect with Joanna on twitter@JoannaDangelo, on facebook and on pinterest.

Her facebook page is: Love Romance Novels (on facebook)

Her other blogs are: thepopculturedivas and therevolvingbook

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DEAL OF THE WEEK: FREE BOOK! The S&M Club by Lindy S. Hudis #amreading #erotica #free

SM-CLUB-COVEROur Deal of the Week is The S&M Club by Lindy S. Hudis


What It’s About:

Devon is a Mistress at an exclusive BDSM club in L.A. Desiree is a novice submissive.

When Devon meets Desiree sparks fly between them as they embark into uncharted territory—each other.

Devon makes Desiree an offer she can’t refuse—to travel around the world living out all of her sexual fantasies.

But first things first.

They have to get to know each other and find out their deepest desires. In this first installment—fantasy and reality blend as Devon and Desiree share their erotic exploits and naughty secrets. Book 2 is The Mile High Club and Book 3 is The Backstage Pass

You can get Lindy’s books at Lachesis Publishing or at amazon, and kobo and iBooks

Connect with Lindy on Facebook and Twitter.

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She’s All That and More! Q and A with USA Today bestselling author Maya Rodale #amreading #romance #Regency

What does Maya Rodale ABSOLUTELY need while writing? Coffee! "It's my muse," she quips.
What does Maya Rodale ABSOLUTELY need while writing? Coffee! “It’s my muse,” she quips.

Maya Rodale began reading romance novels in college at her mother’s insistence. She is now the bestselling and award winning author of numerous smart and sassy romance novels. LADY-CLAIRE-IS-ALL-THAT-1A champion of the genre and its readers, she is also the author of the non-fiction book Dangerous Books For Girls: The Bad Reputation Of Romance Novels, Explained and has written for The Huffington Post, NPR, and more. Maya lives in New York City with her darling dog – a shiba Inu and a
rogue of her own.

Visit her online at, like her facebook page,  or follow her on twitter: @mayarodale.

Welcome Maya!

LP: You write romance – Regency historical and contemporary – what attracted you to both?

wallflower-mm-c-1MR: I started writing historical romance because that’s what I was reading—because that’s what my mother read and passed along to me. But I’m so fascinated with the parallels between the Regency world and today and I wanted to explore that in my writing, so that’s why I did a series like the Bad Boys & Wallflowers. It’s about a modern day heroine “writing” historical romances based on her “real life” romance with the bad boy billionaire. This page on my website outlines how the books are connected.

WHAT-A-WALLFLOWER-WANTS-372x600LP: You’re a USA Today bestselling author. What book(s) did you hit with and how high? And how did you celebrate?

MR: I hit the list with What a Wallflower Wants and I celebrated in the usual way: jumping up and down and crying in the kitchen with the husband. I actually wrote a little blog post about it, from my initial reaction, to the champagne, and what my mom said when I called with the news.

Dangerous-Books-For-Girls-Cover-1LP: You’ve also written a non-fiction book called DANGEROUS BOOKS FOR GIRLS: THE BAD REPUTATION OF ROMANCE NOVELS EXPLAINED. Do you think romance novels still get a bum rap and why?

MR: I think romance novels have gotten a bum rap because they’re unapologetically by women/for women and they’re mass (read: cheaply) produced and our culture tends to be dismissive of both those things. But that’s also what makes them so powerful and popular! I see this changing, though, as there is more attention and respect paid to women’s work (whatever it may be).

LP: Aside from writing your books, what are THREE key things that you do consistently that help you “put noses in your books” and build a reader fan base.

MR: Well, writing the books is the main thing. The best way to sell a book is by making a reader happy with another book you’ve written. For advice other than that, I’d suggest:

–Cultivating relationships with other authors. Champion the books you love and give shout outs to authors you want other readers to discover. Maybe they’ll do the same for your work, or it might just add to a culture of sharing the love, which helps everyone. 🙂

–Be an engaging person on social media. Connect with and converse with people there and talk about stuff other than trying to sell your books.

— Unless you have a new release and then . . .

–Tell everyone when you have a book out! HUSTLE! Tell your friends and family. Call your local bookstore. Shout it from the rooftops. Whatever it takes to get the word out!

marryingwinterborne200x322LP: Who do you fan girl over and why?

MR: In Romancelandia, I’d get super bashful and excited to talk to Lisa Kleypas. Her writing is some of the best in the genre, and any fiction I’ve read. Plus, I love how she’s written historical and contemporary romances.

LP: Tell us about THREE AWESOME books you’ve read by newbie authors or authors who haven’t yet “broken through” (can be any genre).

tycoon_300w-200x300Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 10.41.28 AM10154227_943478235747782_271647258688955677_n-186x300After looking at my recently read list, I don’t think there are many newbies on it! Gasp! But here is what is downloaded on my kindle and awaiting me this weekend: Tycoon by Joanna Schupe, Unmasked Heart by Vanessa Riley and Stirring Attraction by Sara Jane Stone.

LP: What is one of the coolest/sweetest things a reader said to you or did for you?

MR: I’ve gotten some sweet cards from readers and even a really lovely wedding present. 🙂 But the best thing is just hearing from readers on social media that they enjoyed my books.

CHASING LADY AMELIAScreen Shot 2016-07-07 at 10.48.16 AMLP: Tell us about your latest release and what you have coming down the road.

My latest is Chasing Lady Amelia—it’s book #2 in my Keeping Up With The Cavendishes series about an American family that inherits a dukedom in Regency London. Each book in the series is inspired by a Rom Com and this one is my tribute to the movie Roman Holiday. Think runaway heiress + dashing rogue . . . you know where this goes! Next up is Lady Claire is All That, inspired by She’s All That.

LP: Bonus: What are three fun “romance heroine” lines that a gal could use on a cute guy at a party or coffee shop?

Maya Rodale is also a speaker, blogger and one of the founding members of Lady Jane's Salon in NYC.
Maya Rodale is also a speaker, blogger and one of the founding members of Lady Jane’s Salon in NYC.

MR: Oh, that is a tricky one! Any romance heroine line is one that is from the heart and probably sounds like “the wrong thing” to say. Or it’s a declaration that she will never marry the hero (haha, famous last words).

LP: Thanks so much!!!

MR: Thank you! This was fun!

Connect with the wonderful Maya Rodale via her website, or on facebook or twitter.

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DEAL OF THE WEEK: BOOK 1& 2 THE BLOODMANE CHRONICLES 70% off! #amreading #paranormal

The-Awakening-Book-1-The-Bloodmane-Chronicles-by-Sara-Brooke-500x724We’re going to WOW you ALL SUMMER LONG with GREAT DEALS at Lachesis Publishing.

This week we’re offering Book 1 and 2 in the Bloodmane Chronicles by Sara Brooke for only 1.49 each! A whopping 70% off!

Click here to purchase both books (all e-book formats available).

THE AWAKENING: Book 1 of the Bloodmane Chronicles: Renda Bloodmane is a twenty-eight year-old quiet librarian living in a small town in Florida. But all of that changes when she starts seeing dead people everywhere she goes. Including a hunky ghost named Cole whose been dead for more than 100 years. When she visits her best friend Bobbie Trillo in Georgia she realizes that Bobbie’s mother is being possessed by a demon and she’s the only one who can save the woman from the monster bent on destroying her. 

Child of the Dead 453x680CHILD OF THE DEAD: Book 2 of the Bloodmane Chronicles: Renda Bloodmane is back at work at the library and is also “dating” Cole, the sexy ghost from Georgia. When her co-worker asks her to help a young girl named Katie who is acting strangely, Renda finds out the child is being haunted by an evil gang of ghosts whose leader was a child serial killer when he was alive. Renda must do everything in her power to fight them and save Katie, before the child becomes their next victim.

Photo of Sara Brooke courtesy Eugenio Wilman
Photo of Sara Brooke courtesy Eugenio Wilman is an Amazon bestselling author of horror, paranormal romance, and suspense fiction.

Sara Brooke is an Amazon bestselling author of horror, paranormal romance, and suspense fiction.

A lifelong avid reader of all things scary, Sara’s childhood dream was to write books that make readers sleep with their lights on. She hopes that isn’t too troubling for the thousands of readers worldwide who have purchased her books.

Sara resides in beautiful South Florida. She can be reached via her website at Sara welcomes feedback and questions from readers.

You can Like Sara’s facebook page  – called, The Bloodmane Chronicles . Connect with Sara on facebook, on twitter @SaraBrooke8, and on her website. Sara welcomes feedback and questions from readers.

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