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Happy New Release Day! My Heart’s Desire by Patricia Grasso and it’s on SALE! #amreading #romance #historical

My Hearts Desire 2HAPPY NEW RELEASE DAY for the gorgeous and romantic MY HEART’S DESIRE by Patricia Grasso.

Get it on sale for only 1.99 right here during the Lachesis Publishing Anniversary Month Sale!

All e-book formats available here! Click on this link to order.


Find happiness with the soaring eagle in the Place of the Winds. Beware the dark sun.

Lady Blythe Devereux has always loved Roger Debrett, the Earl of Eden, Queen Elizabeth’s soaring eagle. Blythe knows with her druid’s instinct that they are meant to be together. And fate will prove her right, if only she can make Roger see the truth.

Fate deals Roger a cruel blow when he’s wrongly accused of murder. In order to secure his freedom so that he can uncover the truth, Roger is forced to marry Blythe, the beloved daughter of one of England’s most powerful and favored men, Richard Devereux, the Earl of Basildon.

With his heart hardened against love, Roger tries to see Blythe as the young girl he’d known years earlier, but her seductive beauty, warmth, and charm, entice him at every turn. And when an unseen killer stalks them through the halls of Hampton Court Palace, Roger must do more than catch a killer. He must protect his heart’s desire.

Patricia Grasso is the author of eighteen historical romances including the Douglas Series which follows the love stories of the amazing Douglas sisters (Angelica, Samantha and Victoria) in Regency London and the Lords of Stratford Series, Regency historical romances with a fairy-tale twist about the aristocratic families in Stratford-on-Avon. And the Devereux Series, a lush, lavish, and compelling series about the noble Devereux Family in Elizabethan England. (Note: this is a re-release)

Her books have won various awards including the National Readers’ Choice Award, New England Readers’ Choice Award, the Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice and KISS Awards as well as the B. Dalton and Bookrack Awards for bestselling first-time author.

A native of Massachusetts, Patricia makes her home in the Boston area. She earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in English and, for many years, used her “leisure” time to teach in a public high school.

Her website is:

Patricia Grasso‘s latest release is MY HEART’S DESIRE (a re-release in the Devereux Series). You can purchase it at Lachesis Publishing for only 1.99 FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH OF SEPTEBER! You can also get it on amazon, BN nook, or kobo

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The Top Five Free Things You Can Do At Your Local Library by Beverly Adam (Regency romance author)

The modern library has it all from the latest bestselling books, computer classes, to 3D imaging duplicator.


Here is a list of my top five favorite free things to do at a library.

Free Classes: When I first bought a computer I had no idea how to use one. I didn’t know how to use search engines or type in websites. However, my local public library offered free computer classes. All I had to do was set-up an appointment to meet with a librarian, and along with three other people, I learned how to use a computer. It was great! I checked recently and there were free Zumba dance classes, poetry, and e-book marketing courses being offered for authors.


150px-Halstuch_BdP3D Imaging Duplicator: Living in the Silicon Valley does have its advantages and one of them is technology at the library, which can be fun. The Sunnyvale library currently owns a 3D, Makerbot2 Duplicator. 

One of my son’s friends took his Boy Scout necktie in and had it replicated within two hours. Can you say, Awesome?!

E-books: Oh- yeah, baby! The book isn’t on the shelf and the waiting list is ten deep, but you still want to read that bestseller, no problem. The library has you covered. The book is available in e-book form. All you have to do is go online, type in your card number, then download the book, and voila, it’s yours to borrow.

Kids Hour: When my kids were little this free program was a life-saver. The hour long story-time, with songs, and simple crafts allowed me to looks for books and check out videos while my children were being entertained. In the summer we came and enjoyed the free magic and animal shows and took part in the summer reading program, which earned the children free books, a gift certificate to the local ice cream parlor, and bookmarkers. There was many a dull summer which was saved by these kid programs.

image from
image from

Coffee Shops: Yes, they’re offering coffee and yummy snacks these days at your local public library. You can browse the books and videos, then after you’ve checked out your picks, settle into a comfortable chair and sip a hot beverage by the large window overlooking the garden, while reading the used book you just bought for a buck. Pure Bliss.

And one for the road . . .

Tax Expert: I confess I haven’t had the patience to stand in line and use one, but I think it’s great that a tax expert is available at the library during that nail biting time of the year. If I’m to judge by the line of people I saw waiting to talk to one of these kind volunteers, I’d say many people appreciate the free service.

So check out your local library you might be surprised what’s happening there!

Connect with Beverly Adam online on her blog, on facebook and on goodreads.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 11.01.53 AM

You can purchase Beverly’s books at Lachesis Publishing, amazon, Barnes and Noble, kobo and iBooks.

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Sneak Peek Monday: The Accidental Witch by Jessica Penot (paranormal with romantic elements)

THE ACCIDENTAL WITCH COVERWe’re switching it up here at the Lachesis Publishing Blog. We’re doing our Sneak Peeks on Mondays from now on. Today’s Sneak Peek is the  The Accidental Witch by Jessica Penot (paranormal with romantic elements). It’s funny, scary, clever, and features a heroine that you will just love to bits.

What it’s about:

Phaedra Michaels is a small town psychologist who is beginning to lose hope. Two of her patients at the local hospital in Dismal, Alabama have just killed themselves, she’s still reeling from her divorce and what turned out to be a disastrous marriage, and her father has died, leaving her without any notion of who her real mother is.

Just as Phaedra decides to commit herself to a serious drinking problem and an eating disorder, or two, a mysterious spell book arrives in the mail. Feeling desperate, Phaedra uses it to cast spells to save her fading patients. Suddenly, good things start happening.  Phaedra’s patients begin to get better and she even starts dating the sexy doctor from the hospital.

Phaedra is so happy she doesn’t notice the small things that start to go wrong in Dismal, or the dark creatures slithering out of the shadows near her house. When Phaedra finally realizes her spells have attracted every card-carrying demon from hell, she has no choice but to accept help from a slightly nerdy, 500 year-old warlock with a penchant for wearing super hero T-shirts and a knack for getting under Phaedra’s skin. Now, if only she could get the hang of this witch thing, she might be able to save her town.


I carefully pulled the twine and the brown paper fell off. Beneath the paper was a large, leather bound book. It looked like an old journal or recipe book. It was tied together with a red ribbon and the ribbon held numerous pieces of paper. I ran my hands over the smooth leather and read the title of the book. It simply said Spells.

I laughed and pulled the red ribbon that held the book together. The book fell open. Inside, it was like a recipe book a mother would pass on to a daughter. There were old typed pages with handwritten notes in the margins. There were pages added with handwritten spells on them and drawings.

“What the hell?” I said as I leafed through the old book. There were potions and summoning spells and candle spells. In-between pages, there were pressed flowers and herbs and some of the pages were stained with old candle wax.

I set the book down and went into the kitchen and opened the fridge. At least the kitchen was done. It looked like any other modern kitchen. It had granite counter tops and marble floors. I’d spared no expense making it look like something that belonged in an old southern mansion. I wanted the house to be perfect and I had Johnny Boy’s money to help me achieve that dream. The lights flickered when I entered. I would have to talk to Lawson about that in the morning. I took a beer out of the fridge and opened it. I had a sip and grabbed a roll of cookie dough. Armed with the cookie dough and beer, I returned to the book. It had fallen off the counter, to the floor, and was opened to a page. I laughed again. The page it had opened to was love spells. That was just what I needed.

I sat down and ate and drank and leafed through the book. I stopped at a page with an interesting picture on it. The spell was an awakening spell. It awakened you to the supernatural world. I hesitated and looked at the script around it.

Something fell upstairs and the lights went out. I fumbled around and found the nearest flashlight and switched it on just as the lights flickered back on.

“Lawson, you asshole,” I said as I turned the flashlight off. “The wiring is done in the parlor, my ass.”

A sudden wave of fatigue washed over me and I picked up my mess and carted my sorry butt upstairs. I climbed into bed with my flashlight. I still had the book of spells. It had been so long since someone had given me something that I had forgotten what it felt like. I knew the book was more than weird. It bordered on creepy. A normal woman would probably burn the damn thing, but I wasn’t a normal woman. I was a lonely divorcée living in a house known to be haunted, but I loved it the way most people love their pets. I was the daughter of a man who had made it clear that he loathed me, with a step-mother who’d bought me toilet paper for Christmas. The creepy book was wonderful to me. It meant that someone out there, even if they were a freak, cared about me, and freak love was better than no love at all.

Did you like what you read? You can get The Accidental Witch right here.

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Sneak Peek Tuesday: The Spinster and the Earl by Beverly Adam

THE-SPINSTER-AND-THE-EARL-COVERToday’s sneak peek is from the historical romance (Regency romance) The Spinster and the Earl by Beverly Adam. A 99 cent read!

What it’s about:

Book 1 in the Gentlemen of Honor series

She was known as The Spinster of Brightwood Manor, and that suited Lady Beatrice O’Brien just fine.

She was happy being a spinster; happy running her father’s estates while amassing a fortune of her own; happy tending to the needs of her community; and most of all, she was happy not having a man around to tell her what to do.

But when Beatrice accidentally shoots her new neighbor, the Earl of Drennan, her life turns upside-down. Suddenly, this very arrogant gentleman, who also happens to be charming and attractive, makes himself at home at Brightwood Manor, and proceeds to court her!

Beatrice knows one thing for certain. Marriage will complicate her life. But falling in love? That’s an entirely different matter.


She crouched now by the edge of a marsh. Mist rose up from the water, obscuring the landscape, which bordered the property of Drennan Castle and Brightwood Manor. Tall weeds hid her from view as she spotted another prey, a large, speckled pheasant, roosting but a few meters to her right in marsh reeds. It would be lovely to have some fresh game on the table tonight and this bird looked to be nice and plump, perfect for basting over a peat fire.

Taking careful aim over the musket, which had no sights, she fired.

To her amazement, the rusty hammer sprang forward the first time she pulled the trigger, igniting the flint in the powder pan and miraculously sparking to burst forth the shot with a smoking ka-bang! She felt the gun tremble as the musket ball cannoned out of the barrel. Her hand kicked backwards as the weapon sprang forward. Powder smoked the air around her, creating a cloudy haze.

“Oh, hell and damnation!” a deep male voice bellowed out into the mist as the frightened neighs of a startled thoroughbred peeled in the air.

She looked up in time to see a wall of shiny black horse flesh and spurred boots flash in front of her surprised eyes. Muttered angry curses could be heard over the horse’s panicked whinnies as both rider and steed galloped towards a nearby stone wall. Abruptly, the animal stopped, bolting away from the solid obstruction placed in its path.

The hapless rider, who’d miraculously been able to keep his seat till then, was effectively tossed, his mount kicking up its hooves at the obstruction. He, the unfortunate master, continued to sail over the stone impediment landing with a solid splash into a nearby bog.

“Merciful heavens!” She gasped, and ran to the edge of the pond where sat the thrown victim.

A stranger glared up at her. His dark blues eyes, the same sparkling shade as the marsh lake on a cold day, silently accusing her.

She stood as motionless as a statue, her pale, oval face unflinching at the sight of blood gushing down his leg. Her own green eyes, the color of the hills behind her, blinked back at him. Brushing aside long tendrils of black hair, which had escaped out from under her hunting hat, she observed him.

She made not the least sign of distress by either crying torrents of remorse, or attempting a delicate feminine swipe of the fevered brow. She merely lifted one of her dark, perfectly arched eyebrows and stared.

Although she wore a fetching hunting jacket of dark red wool, the same outfit, in fact, she’d ordered from Dublin with its matching tartan hat, she could tell by the stranger’s sour expression he thought her some sort of monstrous creature.

“Sir, are you well?” she dared to ask, trying to remain calm while her insides tumbled nervously about, secretly relieved to see that he was alive.

“No, the devil take it. I am not!” he spat out wincing. “Demme, my leg is throbbing dreadfully. And you, madam, are clearly some sort of half-witted, featherbrained female to think otherwise. Indeed, if I felt any worse, I’d no doubt be lying completely unconscious at your feet!”

“I better help you up, then,” she said, biting nervously down on her lower lip, while secretly dreading getting any closer to him. She knew from past experiences that the English were not a good-natured people. And this one apparently was not about to become an exception to the rule. And what would ordinarily have been a perfectly tranquil day of hunting was now ruined.

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Sneak Peek Tuesday: The Vigilante by Jacqui Morrison (suspense thriller)

THE VIGILANTE COVERToday’s sneak peek is from the suspense thriller The Vigilante, by Jacqui Morrison.

What it’s about:

It isn’t safe for men who work in the porn business in the city of Toronto.

When porn producer Sal Turbit is found dead in his apartment, no one seems to care. No one, that is, except Detective Lynette Wilton. Lynette has been a homicide detective for only three months, and has yet to earn her stripes. Murder is murder no matter who the victim is—and Lynette is out to catch a killer.  Could the killer be Wanda Chambers, a mentally ill woman who hates the “scumbags” who prey on the vulnerable? Wanda’s beloved sister, Cathy, was one such woman. Cathy became a porn actress and then took her own life when her sleazy manager/boyfriend, Gil Lee, wouldn’t let her go.

Lynette’s sergeant doesn’t think it’s possible. Wanda has a debilitating illness. But Lynette believes that Wanda’s hatred and harsh childhood make her a prime suspect, and she proves it by catching Wanda in the act of attempting to shoot Lee.

Renowned defense lawyer Maxine Swayman takes on Wanda’s case; Maxine has a different view of the accused. She wants to help Wanda get the help that she needs, and it’s not going to happen in a prison cell.

As the trial proceeds, will Maxine prevail and save Wanda, or will Lynette be able to tie Wanda to Turbit’s murder as well?

Morrison knows how to create suspense! She brings readers on a roller-coaster ride that leaves you breathless from start to finish! —Trey Anthony, star and producer “Da Kink in Da Hair”


“Hey,” Sal said, “come on in. You’re right on time. Good to meet ya.” He left the visitor in the living room of his shabby apartment in a grungy, low-rent building, and slipped into the kitchen. The metallic pop of a beer bottle opening echoed in the other room. Then another.

Six empty beer bottles, a heaping ashtray, and assorted marijuana paraphernalia were already strewn across his table. The grandfather clock struck four times. Sal stumbled back into the room. “I got you a beer.”

Glassy-eyed, Sal said, “I’ve got lots of great products for you to move today.” He showed the visitor the cover of a DVD. “This one is new. It’ll sell out. She’s a real sweet thing. Told me she was eighteen ’n had the ID to prove it. Likely just some little tramp from nowhere-ville. Came to the big, bad city for excitement––”

The metal felt cool as the visitor pulled out a gun.

“What the hell?” Sal screamed, just before the bullet penetrated his skull.

He fell onto the sofa, blood oozing out the back of his head. His face was contorted, almost angry looking. Certainly surprised.

The spent cartridge from the handgun ricocheted against a metal garbage can––reminiscent of the pop of a beer cap––and then landed on the carpet.

The murderer studied the victim’s splayed body, feeling a sense of elation and satisfaction. Out came a Swiss Army knife, and the killer wordlessly hacked off a section of Sal’s hair, stuffed it into a small plastic bag, and then threw it into a knapsack. The killer then picked up the half-spilled beer that Sal had been handing over when the shot was fired. Perfect. Grinning, the murderer chugged the beer, retrieved the spent cartridge, and smugly looked at Sal Turbit’s still body, now surrounded by pooling blood.

Still wearing leather gloves, the murderer put the beer bottle and hot metal bullet charge into a knapsack and fled, smiling, into the dense night.

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Sneak Peek Tuesday: To Tempt An Angel by Patricia Grasso (Regency historical)

TO TEMPT AN ANGEL COVERToday’s sneak peek is from the Regency historical romance To Tempt an Angel, by Patricia Grasso. Douglas Series (Book 1). And it’s one Lachesis Publishing’s FREE books.

What it’s about:

Angelica Douglas has no idea that she’s the Countess of Melrose. What she does know is that she needs to support her family as a card shark, while finding a way to seek revenge on the men who ruined her father and sent her family spiraling down into poverty.

Robert Campbell, Marquess of Argyll, heir to the Duke of Inverary, has no idea who Angelica truly is. He just wants to watch over her and make her his mistress.

Angelica thinks Robert is simply a dashing rogue who is far too dangerous for her peace of mind. Robert thinks Angelica is an angel except when she’s being a pain in the behind.

When Robert finds out that his own father may have been one of the men who ruined Angelica’s family, he vows to keep a careful eye on her. When Angelica finds out that Robert’s father may have been one of the men responsible, she vows to stay as far away from Robert as possible. But when danger threatens, both Robert and Angelica must face the truth and let fate take the upper hand.


“I would love to throw with you,” answered a voice in a tone suggesting intimacy.

The crowd parted for the handsomest man Angelica had ever seen. Older than she by ten years at least, the black-haired and dark-eyed English Adonis carried his tall, well-built frame with athletic grace. Though commonly dressed in black breeches and white shirt, the man had the bearing of an aristocrat.

Sacred sevens, Angelica thought, his devilishly good looks startling her. She felt as if Old Clootie, in all his sinful perfection, had stepped out of the crowd to lead her astray.

Towering over her, the man stood ten inches taller than her petite height of five feet, two inches.

Angelica tilted her head back to look into his black eyes.

Long moments passed. The sights and sounds and scents of the crowded Midsummer Fair disappeared as they gazed into each other’s eyes.

Recovering herself, Angelica gave him a sunny smile and produced a pair of ivory dice. She offered them to him for his inspection. Their fingers touched as he lifted the dice out of her hand; a jolt of excitement shot through Angelica, and she wondered if he felt it, too.

“I’m Robert,” he introduced himself in a husky voice. “What’s your name?”


“Are you a good angel or a bad one?” Robert teased her.

“I was wondering the same thing about you,” she answered.

He smiled at that and asked, “How much have you won today, angel?”

“Four pounds.”

“Then let’s set the stake at four pounds,” Robert suggested.

Angelica hesitated and worried her bottom lip with her small white teeth. If she lost the whole day’s earnings on one toss of the dice, her family would go hungry. But if she won, she’d have eight pounds for her day’s work. Ensuring her own victory wouldn’t be difficult, but this man frightened her in some indefinable way.

“Four pounds,” Angelica agreed, unable to resist the temptation of doubling her winnings.

“What’s your main?” Robert asked, passing her the dice without bothering to inspect them.

“Seven.” Tossing twelve or crabs was the only way to lose by choosing seven, but there was no chance of that happening with her loaded dice.

Angelica shifted the dice back and forth in her hands, as if trying to get the feel of them. When she tossed the dice, a four and a three came up.

“Let it ride,” Angelica said, casting him a side-long glance, hoping to double the eight pounds.

Robert inclined his head. He placed eight pounds down to match the eight on the table.

“Sacred sevens,” she whispered, and tossed the dice. This time a six and a one showed up.

Angelica gifted him with a sunny smile and dragged the sixteen pounds closer. Good Lord, her family could eat on this for a month. If her father didn’t steal it for drink . . .

“Do you play?” she asked him, feeling confident.

Robert fixed his dark gaze on hers, and Angelica suffered the uncanny feeling that he knew she was cheating. Then he dropped sixteen pounds on the table.

A four and a three appeared on her next throw. Angelica stared at the thirty-two pounds she’d won. “Let it ride,” she said, casting him a flirtatious smile.

Surprising her, Robert dropped thirty-two pounds on the table. Angelica tossed the dice; a five and a two appeared.

“This must be your lucky day,” Robert remarked in an amused voice. Carelessly, he dropped sixty-four pounds on the table and challenged her. “Will you let it ride, angel?”

Shocked by the size of his bet, Angelica flicked out her tongue to wet her lips. Should she meet his challenge?

Angelica tossed the dice. A six and a one showed up.

“I’ll pass,” she announced, dropping the one hundred and twenty-eight pounds into her pocket.

Afraid to look at her victim, Angelica walked away without another word. She hadn’t gone more than a few feet when someone grabbed her arm. She whirled around, ready to defend herself.

“May I escort you home?” Robert asked, his smile charming.

Angelica was instantly suspicious. Did he want to steal her winnings? Or was his intention even more sinister? He was incredibly handsome, but her family came first. They depended on her for their survival.

“No, thank you,” she refused.

“You need protection,” he told her. “You carry a great deal of money.”

“Who will protect me from you, sir?” Angelica asked, arching a perfectly shaped brow at him.

“You don’t trust me?” Robert asked, giving her a lopsided grin.

“I trust no one,” she told him. “Especially men I don’t know.”

“We are merely friends who haven’t known each other very long,” Robert argued. “I let you cheat me out of a hundred and twenty-eight pounds. The least you can do is allow me to escort you home.”

“I never cheat,” Angelica insisted, and walked away.

“I suppose you don’t lie either,” he called.

Angelica quickened her pace. She squelched the urge to turn around to see if he was following her.

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Sneak Peek Tuesday: Season for Murder by J.M. Griffin (mystery)

SEASON FOR MURDER COVERToday’s sneak peek is from the cozy mystery  Season for Murder, by J.M. Griffin.
Vinnie Esposito Series (Book 5).

What it’s about:

When a woman is poisoned to death at a Christmas bake sale that Vinnie’s mother organized, suspicion turns to Mrs. Esposito.

Vinnie is not about to stand by and let her mother get framed for murder, no matter that Vinnie’s dad forbids them from sneaking around. Her boyfriend, sexy State Trooper Marcus Richmond is worried about Vinnie’s safety, not to mention any laws she might be breaking. Her friend and upstairs tenant, FBI Agent Aaron Grant is off on a secret mission, so at least he’s not around to yell at her.

Vinnie is determined to find out who is behind this evil act . . . and why. The trouble is, Vinnie gets her tenaciousness from her mother, and when the two of them start snooping, danger follows.

But nobody messes with the Esposito family. Not even a cold-blooded killer.


The door burst open. My aunt Muffy entered the house like the invasion of Normandy. Mom and I turned toward her at the same time.

“Well, Mafalda, come on in,” Mom said rising to get another glass.

“Make mine Burgundy, Theresa,” Muffy ordered.

With a kiss to her cheek, I waited until Muffy settled at the table before I glanced out the window to see if anyone else would storm the house. All was clear. I resumed my seat.

“Did you know that Iva Lindon passed away? I just got a call from Concetta Fonseca. She said it happened a little while ago,” Muffy blurted.

“I know. I was there when it happened. So was Lavinia.” Mom set the wine glass and bottle on the table in front of Muffy.

My aunt is a strong-minded woman with a mouth that would put a truck driver to shame. She also dated mob connected men. A habit we couldn’t seem to break her of. Muffy had a heart of gold where the family was concerned. She glanced at me and then turned to stare at my mother’s tear-streaked face.

“Don’t even tell me you’re both involved in this unfortunate woman’s death. Good God, can you not stay out of trouble for one minute, Lavinia?”

“I didn’t do anything,” I said with hands outstretched to ward off the oncoming lecture. “I was an innocent bystander in all this, Auntie.”

“So, tell me what happened,” Muffy demanded as her jet black eyes became intense and sparkly.

My mother shared our experience. She managed to keep it together when describing the scene where Iva croaked.

“Imagine that,” was all Muffy could say as she glanced at the two of us and gulped the remaining liquor from her glass.

“A policeman arrived, and I think he wanted to arrest me. I’m sure of it. Mrs. Galumpky was very offensive, and if Lavinia hadn’t intervened, I’d have been hauled away in handcuffs.”

Muffy’s dark eyes peered at me when she turned in my direction.

“Did you know this cop?”

“Yeah, it was Nick Pirelli. He patrols that neighborhood. Do you remember him? He lived down the street from us as kids.”

“I do. His father was an ass and his mother was a timid woman who jumped when his father said so, the bully.” Muffy snickered. “I kicked his ass more than once when we were young.”

Chuckling at the idea of my short, stout aunt kicking some guy’s butt, I watched my mother begin to relax. Muffy kept the stream of stories up until my mother had restored her sense of humor. Leave it to Muffy to save the day, I thought with relief.

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Sneak Peek Tuesday: City of Toys by Lindy S. Hudis (suspense thriller)

City-of-toys-linds-s-kudisToday’s sneak peek is from the suspense thriller  City of Toys, by Lindy S. Hudis.

What it’s about:

Four beautiful women seek fame and fortune in Hollywood, the City of Toys, where actresses are like dolls, playing pretend on the big screen.

Marlo: a former child actress from New York City.
Rhonda: a small-town beauty queen.
Kim: a “nice Jewish girl” with a painful childhood.
Guyla: a “serious actress” with a debilitating, stress-induced illness.

Marlo, Rhonda, Kim, and Guyla, become friends living in the same apartment complex, in the city where dreams and disasters go hand-in-hand. They come to rely on each other as they deal with sexual come-ons, crazed stalkers, jealous starlets and the constant pressure of trying to make it in showbiz. But when the pressure gets too much, will their friendship save them or will the City of Toys break them?


Hollywood Boulevard was just two blocks south of Franklin Avenue. Rhonda had finally gotten her apartment in order and decided to take a walk. She strolled south on La Brea, until she reached the famous thoroughfare. It was unlike anything the Tennessee native had ever seen before. Even though the street was grimy and dirty, the golden age of Hollywood long over, it was still wonderful and awe-inspiring.

Rhonda gasped when she passed Mann’s Chinese Theater, with its enormous mural of Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Shirley Temple, and other various movie stars. She wished, as she had all her life, that she could be as famous as them someday. She gazed up at the giant movie marquee, with a large billboard of the latest Reese Witherspoon film. She smiled to herself, that’s going to be me.

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Sneak Peek Tuesday: Passion’s Race by Christine Mazurk (women’s fiction)

passions-raceToday’s sneak peek is from the women’s fiction novel Passion’s Race by Christine Mazurk.

What it’s about:

The heart of change is the change of heart.

Life is about never-ending choices. Yet some people never have the courage to choose change.

CJ Fallon has struggled with a family that she’s never quite fit into and a negative body image poisoned by her toxic, emotionally-distant mother. CJ’s mom finds fault with every choice CJ has made in her 27 young years. From earning her degrees; to climbing the corporate ladder; to her love of competing in Ironman triathlons; it’s all been one mistake after another according to CJ’s mother.

And now that CJ has won her ‘age group’ in an Ironman race as an amateur, she’s on the radar of the world’s athletic elite. Nick Madison, a former Tour-de-France star and coach of an up-and-coming Ironman team, wants her to join his outfit and become a professional. A real pro!

CJ struggles with her decision but once she commits to something, there’s no turning back.

After all, life is about making choices.

Even if it means leaving a stable career.

Even if it means leaving friends and moving half-way around the world.

Even if it means living with her mother’s rejection.

Even if it means losing her heart.

Even if it means risking her very life.


“Talk to me, CJ. I’m sure you’ve over analyzed every detail, made lists, re-evaluated, so what is still not clear?”

“How am I going to relate to twelve male teammates, and a coach, who sometimes knots me up inside, when I don’t get along with my brother or understand my father?”

“You sit in boardrooms with the CEO and VPs. That doesn’t intimidate you. Why should playing with boys?”

“They’re competitive ego-maniacs.”

“Yeah, and you’ll kick their asses—so?”

“Work wise, is it stupid to leave what I’ve established? What if I suck as a pro?”

“What do you have to lose? You’re an excellent manager, CJ. Managing a store, you can do in your fifties and sixties. Can you be a professional Ironman triathlete at fifty?”

Others described Kate as a crude, cutthroat businesswoman with a biting sense of humor. CJ thought of it as a shield, but she never felt the sting of it before. Cutting, but honest. Ouch.

“Cee, when are you going to start making you happy?” In contrast, Kate’s nurturing attitude filled a gap CJ’s own mother had never given her. “Look, get out of your comfort zone. Take a chance and see what you’re capable of. Again, I ask, what do you have to lose?”

She rubbed at the kernel of tension coiled in her neck.

“I understand it’s a huge step, a scary one at that, but either way, follow your heart, go after your dreams. If you want to continue climbing the corporate ladder, fine. But if you take a year off to chase a passion, see where it leads you, what’s the issue? I’d say jump in with both feet. Like swimming, don’t stick your toe in to test the water; jump in—heart, body, and soul. Do this because you want to.”

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